Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!

Hi folks and thank you for all the birthday well wishes. I just had the big 57 and it was great!! Thanks to all of you for the last 24 years watching you "Bridge the Gap"!!  Join us for the MEPD Mastermind and become a leader in Medical Exercise Training. … [Read more...]

Medical Exercise Training – 30 – 4 – 30 Number 1 … [Read more...]

MedXPRO360 – The Community for Medical Exercise Professionals is here!!

Hi folks. We opened back in early September. We have been so busy with developing and uploading content we havent been able to tell you about this community for medical exercise professionals. Now that you've gotten the content in place, we will start sharing and telling you more about MedXPRO360. … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting-Step Seven

Now that you have reached out to medical professionals and you are attracting MET clients, you have to "train for outcomes and communicate for relationships". Training for outcomes means emphasizing functional outcome measures which allow you and medical professionals to determine the effectiveness of your programs. The outcome measures include 1) blood pressure; 2) BMI; 3) range of motion; 4) muscle strength; 4) spinal stability; and 5) bone density to name a few. Functional outcome measures … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting- Step Six

To provide safe and effective medical exercise training services you will need to obtain the necessary training. Simply having experience in personal training is not enough. Medical exercise training requires a thorough background in anatomy and the pathology of medical conditions as well as training in MET assessments, program design and utilization of MET protocols. MET goes beyond corrective exercise. Corrective exercise doesn't review how to manage specific medical conditions or how to … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting-Step Five

During the follow-up call establish a date to present your services to the medical professional(s) and office staff. This may require you provide lunch prior to your presentation. This is a common practice and one you may have to adhere to. Also, focus on the benefits of MET for specific conditions seen by the practitioner. During the presentation mention the clients you have in common with the medical professional and outline the positive outcomes you have produced. Note positive changes in … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting-Step Four

Send your marketing packet, including the introductory letter, to the medical professionals on your target list. Before you mail the packet, do some research on the practice. Determine the specialty of the practice, the name of the office manager and the conditions commonly seen in the practice. Mail the packet to the practice but to the attention of the office manager. The office manager is the gatekeeper. He or she can make it much easier to obtain referrals from the practice. Once you … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting- Step Three

Develop an introductory letter and a marketing package to share with potential clients and medical referral sources. The introductory letter should not exceed one page in length and explain who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it to. Simply put, the letter should summarize your services, your approach and the types of clients you train. In addition to the letter, develop a marketing packet including your business cards, referral pads, a sample medical exercise flowchart and … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting- Step Two

Establish a signature MET program. Based on the outcomes you have produced with your clients, your expertise and your advanced training in exercise management of specific medical conditions, select one or two conditions as your specialty. Once you have established your niche or specialty, and then develop signature exercise program(s) for these conditions. Your signature programs are simply packaged exercise services including the assessment, training sessions and a lifestyle education … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting- Step One

Your first step is to establish a "target medical marketing list" of medical professionals with whom you would like to develop referral relationships. Simply put, make a list of doctors, therapists, and chiropractors you want to get client referrals from. Establish a list of 3 medical professionals to approach initially. I recommend approaching: 1) a general practitioner or internist; 2) a chiropractor and 3) a sportsmed/physical therapy practice. We have found these three medical professionals … [Read more...]

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