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Certification Renewal

Renew or reinstate your MES, PRCS, or MEPD certification!! Renewal is required every two years.

Medical Exercise Training Certification Renewal
Certification Renewal Details
All METI Medical Exercise Specialist, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist and Medical Exercise Program Director certifications have a two-year expiration. Every two years certified members must complete medical exercise/post rehab related course work or observation hours in a rehabilitation setting to be eligible for renewal.Covid pandemic we have reduced the renewal requirements to 5 hours.

You may combine observation hours and medical exercise related coursework to fulfill the 5-hour requirement. Verification of completion of the observation hours and/or coursework must be submitted with your renewal application and fee. Again, renewal of your certificate is required every two years. Click here to download the certification renewal form and/or observation hours form.

If you obtained your MES, PRCS or MEPD certification prior to January 2012 but this is your first renewal, we ask you to complete the Medical Exercise Foundations, which is part of the new and updated Medical Exercise Specialist Training series. This will give you updated guidelines and protocols on medical exercise training.

Certification Renewal Requirements
METI tries to make the renewal process as simple as possible. You may submit any course related to medical exercise training or relevant topics as part of your 5 hours. The course(s) submitted for renewal of your certification must be taught by a licensed medical professional (MD, DO, RPT, OTR, RN, LMT, ATC, PA, RN-P, PTA, COTA or DC). A total of 5 hours of medical exercise training related coursework and/or observation hours is required for renewal. Please submit copies of course completion certificates with the certification renewal process.

Observation Hours
You may complete hours in a sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy or rehabilitation setting to fulfill the observation hours option for renewal. Simply contact an appropriate facility in your community to set up the observation hours. Have the medical professional under whom you will complete the hours, verify the observation hours on the form. Only 5 hours are required every two years but the more hours you complete the more you see. Observation hours are always beneficial to your learning and development of referral relationships. Click here to download the observation hours form.
Certification Renewal Documents
Click the links below to download the METI Renewal Form and Observation Hours Form.

Download the METI Certification Renewal Form
Download the METI Observation Hours Form

Pre-2012 MES, PRCS & MEPD Renewals
If you obtained your MES, PRCS or MEPD certification prior to January 2012 and you have not completed the Medical Exercise Foundations (MXF). This may be completed by purchasing access to the new and updated Medical Exercise Specialist Training series and then completing the first five lessons of the MEST. These first five lessons are the Medical Exercise Foundations. Review and complete the quizzes for these lessons and you are renewed. Also, you receive access to all the new materials, protocols and medical exercise video training included in the new MEST.
Certification Renewal
Renew your certification now for just $50.

METI Mission Statement

To "Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness" by providing forums to educate fitness professionals to work cooperatively with medical professionals to develop safe and effective fitness and conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular conditions. The effectiveness of these fitness programs is based on functional outcome measures universally understood by medical professionals, fitness professionals and insurance carriers. The goal is to make medical exercise training the next logical step for clients and medical professionals after discharge from physical therapy, chiropractic care and medical care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about certification renewals.

How do I renew my certification?

Complete 10 hours of medical exercise related coursework and/or observation hours. Download and complete the MES/PRCS Renewal Form.

What do I need to renew my certification?

  1. Copy of MES or PRCS certificate
  2. Completed certification renewal form
  3. Completed observation hours form (if you use observation hours)
  4. Copies of your workshop completion certificates
  5. $50 renewal fee or $100 reinstatement fee

When do I need to renew my certification?

Renewal is required every two years. If your certificate expired more than a year ago you are required to submit a reinstatement fee.

How much is the renewal fee?

There is a $50 fee to renew your MES, PRCS and/or MEPD certification. If your certification expired more than a year ago, please submit the $100 reinstatement fee.

When do I need to renew my certification?

Renewal is required every two years. If your certificate expired more than a year ago you are required to submit a reinstatement fee.
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