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Medical Exercise Training Resources

The growth of medical exercise training and post rehab fitness has outpaced the development of resources to assist medical exercise professionals in developing exercise programs for clients with medical conditions. To help medical exercise professionals better serve and manage their clients, METI has developed a number of “medical exercise training resources”. These resources are based on sound medical guidelines and designed specifically for medical exercise professionals.

Medical Exercise Specialist Podcast

Download, listen to, and share the Medical Exercise Specialist Podcast.

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PostRehabWorks 3.0

PostRehabWorks is the ultimate resource for medical exercise professionals. Please pardon our delay as we upgrade Works with more conditions, guidelines and outcome strategies. Please check periodically for the launch of PostRehabWorks 3.0

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Medical Exercise Forms

Communication with medical professionals in a clear, concise and professional manner is a must for medical exercise professionals. Medical exercise forms provide a easy to use and easy to read layout to allow you to communicate with medical professionals, insurance carriers as well as clients.

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Medical Exercise Training E-book

Finally, everything you need to know to build your MET practice! This e-book contains the most important 101 MET-related questions.

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Post Rehab Exercise Protocols

The “PREPS” – Post Rehab Exercise Protocols finally gives you step by step post rehab protocols and guidelines. PREPS is the advanced version of our original Post Rehab Protocols published in 1997.

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MedFit Group Training Programs

MedFit Group Training programs provide medical exercise professionals the solution you need to manage chronic medical conditions with exercise and lifestyle management while also helping develop relationships with medical professionals. MedFit programs  available include: 1) Hypertension/Diabetes/Obesity; 2) Total Joint Replacements/Osteoarthritis; 3) Womens’ Fitness 101 and 4) Dynamic Back School. Learn more below.

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Medical Exercise Training Institute
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