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Well, I have officially accepted my 50+ status. I realize that I cant eat anything I want, watch TV for hours and neglect my exercise. Sometimes I forget I'm 51. At 51 exercise becomes the modality that keeps my knees pain-free and allows me to play golf and still sleep at night. 😉 It really became clear while I was visiting my family for Christmas. I laid off from the gym a few days and decided to hit a bucket of golf balls…my favorite pastime. After that bucket I needed a bottle of Aleve (great stuff!! 😉 just to sleep!! I knew I needed to get to the gym but the next day was the Saturday after Christmas. I figured the gym would be busy at 9am…well to my surprise it was!! But with a bunch of 50+ weekend warriors like myself. Not one youngin' in the place. I realized I was part of the Medical Exercise Fraternity. The motto….”Move It, Stretch It, Train It or Lose It”. I guess I've unconsciously trained fitness professionals for years to delivery medical exercise services with the thought….one day they can take care of me. LOL I am officially a “MEDICAL EXERCISE CLIENT”. How do I know??? I'm at the gym early on Saturday because I want to play golf with minimal pain.

One of our MEPD's, Rich Gafter, has on the windows of his facility, MedEX Fitness of Victoria, BC….”More Energy, Move More and Less Pain!” That certainly is the greatest need for most of our MET clients. Stick to that as you build your practice and you will do well. All the best in 2013!!

Dr Mike (Officially a MES Client)

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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