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Shoulder impingement is often seen in a medical exercise training (MET) practice. Avoidance of overhead activities, emphasis on rotator cuff and posterior shoulder girdle strengthening as well as opening the subacromial space are standard activities to manage impingement. But sometimes impingement may have two evil twins that look like, smell like and act like impingement, and if not identified and managed properly may prolong the client's shoulder pain and dysfunction.

These two evil twins are bicipital tendinitis and AC joint separation. Both of these conditions produce symptoms that mimic impingement but require a different MET program. In this video, from our Medical Exercise Specialist Training series, I will review Speed's test. This assessment test is used to identify bicipital tendinitiis. If a positive Speed's Test is found during the assessment simply eliminate any activities that stress the biceps in addition to following the guidelines for shoulder impingement. Click here for more information on Medical Exercise Training Guidelines.


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