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The Online Membership and Support System You’ve Been Asking For …MedXPRO Network – Designed to Elevate YOU as the expert Medical Exercise Professional in Your Community for Just a Few Dollars a Day!!!

  • Less than .50/day! – Associate medical exercise training tips at your fingertips!
  • Less than $1/day! – Professional access to medical exercise resources!
  • Less than $2/day!  – For the Business-minded medical exercise professional!
  • For a little over $6/day! (less than the cost of your favorite latte!) – For the Medical Exercise Mastermind!

JOIN TODAY! How cool would it be to spend a few dollars, devote a little time and generate additional income for your efforts – sounds like a plan! Elevate yourself as the Medical Exercise/Post Rehab Expert in your community by becoming a MedXPRO Network Member. For about the cost of your favorite latte or less, ensure you’re well equipped to accept EVERY client who comes your way.

Build your client base AND your profits by servicing clients with a variety of medical conditions, but still in need of an effective fitness program. Gain the tools and the confidence to add a successful medical exercise/post rehab program to your practice.

Created by Dr. Michael Jones, PhD, PT, founder and developer of the Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Training and certification, MedXPRO Network has a level that fits you – from Basic to Associate to Professional to Business to Mastermind – let the resources work for you instead of you working for the resources. From tips to checklists to guidelines to podcasts to workshops to access to “Dr. Mike’s” and the expertise of medical exercise professionals around the world….. YOU CAN’T MISS AT ANY MedXPRO LEVEL!!!


Discover what Medical Exercise Training has for you … Become a charter MedXPRO Network Member today!

MedXPRO Basic – FREE!!  This level is for medical exercise/post rehab professionals just getting started in the field. The Basic level allows access to free content including: 1) the Medical Exercise Training (MET) Blog; 2) the MedXPRO Connection newsletter; 3) 101 MET Tips Podcast; and 4) the Medical Exercise Training Forum.  The MET Forum includes detailed articles and discussions on MET related topics. This level is FREE; just register to gain access.

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MedXPRO Associate – $14.99/month* (Less than .50/day!) For the Medical Exercise Professional looking to obtain the skills to manage a wide range of clients.

 All features at the Basic Level, plus …

  • MET Ignition E-course (“Starting Your MET Practice”)
  • Weekly Medical Exercise Training Podcast
  • MET Member Spotlight
  • MET Exercise Tips Blog
  • MET Business & Profit$ Blog

MedXPRO Membership Signup

MedXPRO Professional – $29.99/month* (Less than $1/day!) For the experienced Medical Exercise Professional who wants advanced resources and training techniques beyond the MEST workshop. This level provides access to the internationally known PostRehabWorks infoware and the MET Foundations course.

All features at the Associate Level, plus …

  • Access to PostRehabWorks Infoware
  • Medical Exercise Foundations workshop
  • Medical Exercise Skills Blog and Video Series
  • Medical Exercise Pre-Exercise Checklist training session
  • Medical Exercise Protocols training sessions

MedXPRO Membership Signup

MedXPRO Business – $49.99/month* (Less than $2/day!) – For the Medical Exercise Entrepreneur. This level is for the practice owner of a MET studio, home-based business or MET director in a physical therapy, hospital-based fitness or health club setting. This level helps the entrepreneur build his or her practice. Access to the Basic, Associate and Professional levels are included.

All features at the Basic, Associate & Professional Levels, plus …

  • Medical Exercise Training Video Tips Blog
  • Medical Exercise Training Systems Blog/Forum/Teleseminar sessions
  • Medical Exercise Training Checklists sessions
  • Medical Exercise Training Admin Forms – (9 MET Forms)
  • Medical Exercise Jumpstart program – 6 session program to build a strong practice
  • MET Insurance Billing training sessions
  • MET Report Writing, Documentation and Communication training sessions
  • Weekly MET Profit$ Forum and Teleseminars

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MedXPRO Mastermind – $199.99/month* – For the medical exercise professional and/or practice owner seeking to take his or her practice to the next level by adding income streams and referral sources to their practice. This level is for serious and highly motivated medical exercise professionals. This level is available by application. Mastermind sessions occur once per month. The MET Mastermind also has a forum for participants to communicate anytime with like minded MXPs. Each Mastermind participant receives a monthly one-on-one coaching session with Dr Mike to enhance their practice and add income streams. Each Mastermind participant gets access to all the MED-FIT Training Classes. The Mastermind level requires a one-year commitment. Early termination may result in a cancellation fee.

All features at the Associate, Professional & Business Levels, plus …

  • Monthly Mastermind Sessions
  • Attendance at the MedXPRO Summit – October 28 – 30, 2016
  • Access to the MED-FIT Training Classes (Dynamic Back School, HTN/DM, TJR/Arthritis)
  • Monthly Medical Referral Relationships training sessions
  • Monthly 1-on-1 practice development sessions w/Dr. Mike!
  • Monthly Marketing Support Conference Calls

MedXPRO Membership Signup


Lifetime Charter are available for the first 200 registrants. Lifetime Charter members pay a one-time fee of $599 and get access to our MedXPRO Business Level for life; lifetime access to the PostRehabWorks 3, the Medical Exercise Jumpstart program; your choice of one of our Med-Fit Group Training programs and admission to the MedXPRO Summit in October 2016. To become a Charter Member of MedXPRO Network … click the link below! The first 200 registrants receive charter membership and pay only $599 for lifetime MedXPRO access.

MedXPRO Membership Signup



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