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When we implemented our Medical Exercise Specialist workshop and certification program, we realized it was important the post rehab professional be able to identify the inappropriate client. We established the “Post Rehab Red Flags” to give post rehab professionals hard fast signs they could easily see to identify that inappropriate client. The post rehab red flags are noted below:

a. Numbness/tingling
b. Radiating pain
c. Swelling
d. Nite pain
e. Loss of range of motion
f. Loss of function
g. Chest pain/shortness of breath
h. Open Wounds
i. Abnormal vital signs

Clients demonstrating any red flags should be referred to a medical professional. The client’s exercise program may require modification based on your discussion with the medical professional. Recognizing these red flags will help you avoid exacerbating existing conditions or possibly injurying an apparently healthy client. Follow the link below to listen to this post rehab tip.

Dr Mike

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