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The scope of practice for the post rehab professional includes the following functions:

a. Fitness Assessment
b. Strength Training
c. Cardiovascular Training
d. Flexibility Training
e. Functional Conditioning
f. Aquatic Exercise
g. Spinal Stabilization Training
h. Diabetic/Hypertensive Training
i. Weight Reduction Programming

There should be no attempt to offer your services in lieu of physical therapy, chiropractic or any services provided by a licensed medical practitioner. The terms “therapy” and “therapeutic” should not be used. These terms convey that licensed therapists are providing the services. Remember, clients are easily confused and may misunderstand the terms “therapy” and “therapeutic”. Clarify and avoiding such confusion by clearly defining your role and scope of practice in all of your brochures and marketing materials will enhance your image and standing the medical professionals in your community. Follow the link below to listen to this tip.

Dr Mike

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