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Establish 30-day and 90-day goals for your post rehab clients. The 30-day goals are short-term and accomplished in 30 days. The long-term goals are accomplished in 90 days. You program should consist of exercises to accomplish these goals. Your focus during the post rehab assessment should be the identification of “residual functional deficits” remaining after physical therapy. Exercises should be used that will enhance function based on the deficits identified.

Your role as a post rehab professional is to identify these residual functional deficits and improve the client’s functional capacity. As you can see, your role is vitally important to enhancing function and exercise is definitely the key to long-term management of most medical conditions.

Goals serve as the direction of and milestones for your post rehab program. Once the client accomplishes the short-term goals, new short-term goals are established and the long-term goals are readjusted. The ultimate result of the long-term goals is the return of the client to his or her maximal functional capacity.  When establishing short and long goals please remember the following: click here to read the full article

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