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When seeking insurance reimbursement for post rehab services contact the client’s insurance claims adjuster. You will need the following documents when you make the contact:

a. Signed post rehab referral for the client’s physician
b. Post Rehab Program Goals (functionally-based)
c. Post Rehab Program Design (include duration, frequency & number of sessions)
d. Post Rehab Assessment

Securing insurance reimbursement for post rehab services requires more than having these documents on hand. How to negotiate the insurance reimbursement maze is reviewed in detail in our “Insurance Reimbursement for Post Rehab Professionals” workshop. Dealing with insurance carriers is becoming part of the daily life for post rehab professionals. This and other streams of post rehab income are reviewed in our podcast titled “Multiple Streams of Post Rehab Income”. Follow this link to listen in our how to develop multiple streams of income in your post rehab practice – Multiple Streams.

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