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Vol. 8

Post Rehab Newsletter

Issue 9

Dear Post Rehab Professional,
Hello to all. I hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer. Fall is right around the corner and that means new clients and new programs. In this issue we will discuss the "15 Keys to Integrating a Post Rehab Program into Any Facility". We are all faced with a sagging economy. Developing a post rehab program in your facility might be the "stimulus" you need to attract new clients and increase revenue.

In this issue you will also meet Masha Henzel, MES. Masha is the fitness director at the renowned Rossmoor Senior Community in Walnut Creek, CA. Masha has developed a fantastic post rehab program targeting the needs of an active senior population. She will give you some tips on developing a program in a large senior community.

I hope this issue will give you information and strategies to grow your practice and better manage your clients. Please feel free to email me at with questions or visit our blog at and add your comments. Thanks for reading the Post Rehab Connection and best wishes building your post rehab practice.

Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT
American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals

  Member Spotlight – Masha Henzel, MES
  Post Rehab Newsletter
Our member in the spotlight is Masha Henzel, MES. Masha is director of fitness at The Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. Masha has developed a unique program and fantastic staff that services a large and active senior community. Click the link below to listen to my interview with Masha.

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  Post Rehab Tips/Guidelines – Assessing Impingement Syndrome

Every post rehab professional encounters the client with impingement syndrome. Did you know there are two conditions with symptoms similar to impingement? Bicipital tendinitis and AC joint sprain have symptoms similar to impingement but are managed differently. The assumption that impingement is the primary culprit with overhead pain or discomfort in the "painful arc" is not always true.

  Post Rehab Newsletter  
Click image to view video.

The video clip above reviews the assessment techniques to determine if your client’s symptoms are solely a result of impingement or related to bicipital tendinitis or AC joint involvement. Click the image above to view the clip. Remember, post rehab professionals do not diagnose but having the ability to assess the client and thereby select the appropriate exercise is very important. This "Post Rehab Tips" video clip along with 20 others are available on our Post Rehab Tips CD. Click the button below to purchase our Post Rehab Tips CD for only $25. Shipping is free.

Post Rehab Newsletter

   "15 Keys to Integrating a Post Rehab Program Into Your Facility"
  Establishing a medical exercise/post rehab program is a great way to combat the economic showdown. I have worked with a number of facilities in recent months to add post rehab programs. Adding a post rehab program is a great idea but a plan is needed to get the process moving. Your plan should allow you to connect with medical professionals, manage a wide range of post rehab clients and package your programs to meet the needs of medical professionals and post rehab clients in your community. Follow these 15 keys to get started on the road to a successful and profitable post rehab program. Click the link at the bottom of the section to listen to our "15 Keys to Integration" podcast.

   1. Appoint a post rehab/medical exercise training director.
   2. Review your files and compile a list  of client physicians.
   3. Identify the 10 most common conditions you manage.
   4. Enroll in and obtain a post rehab training/certification.
   5. Determine if equipment or modifications are needed.
   6. Establish a "target medical marketing list".
   7. Package your services with post rehab clients in mind.
   8. Develop a post rehab/medical exercise marketing package.
   9. Establish a separate post rehab pricing structure.
  10. Send introductory letters to the "target medical marketing list".
  11. Make presentations to the "target medical marketing list".
  12. Establish a special intake process for post rehab clients.
  13. Incorporate the "Musculoskeletal Screening" with all clients.
  14. Establish a follow-up system to contact physicians.
  15. Learn the process to obtain insurance reimbursement.
  16. Clearly understand your scope of practice and role.

This is a long list but I guarantee if you add these keys to your plan, you will establish a successful and profitable post rehab program regardless of the type of facility. Click the link below to listen to the "15 Keys to Integrating a Post Rehab Program" podcast.

MP3 File 

  Medical Exercise Specialist Workshops – Fall ’09
  The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) workshop is coming to a city near you in the Fall of ’09. We have established dates in six North American cities. The MES workshop is designed for the fitness professional that works with medical exercise and post rehab clients. The MES course will help you better manage these clients and assist you in developing relationships with medical professionals in your community. The MES course is a 2-day intensive workshop that will prepare you to develop exercise programming for a wide range of clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Course dates for the fall are listed below. Click on the link below to register and/or get more information on the MES On-Site workshop.

Post Rehab Newsletter
Click here for MES on-site workshop registration


Post Rehab Newsletter

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