Medical Exercise Foundations

Medical Exercise Foundations

Medical Exercise Foundations (MXF) are the basis of everything you do as a medical exercise professional. From the assessment process to the implementation of the exercise program, MXF's touch every aspect of medical exercise training (MET) , post rehab fitness (PRF) and corrective exercise training (CXT). The MXF workshop is available online and consists of two 58-minute videos, video guides and quizzes. Some of the MXF topics include: 1) a updated review of the medical exercise scope of practice; 2) an explanation of the importance of and the physiology of joint inflammation and 3) the "Hierarchy of Post Rehab Fitness" used when managing clients with multiple conditions. These are only three of the 14 components Dr Mike discusses in the MXF workshop. The MXF workshop is $149. The MXF components include:

  1. What is Medical Exercise Training?
  2. MET Scope of Practice
  3. Red Flags
  4. Components of Function
  5. Understanding Joint Stability
  6. Hierarchy of Post Rehab Fitness
  7. MET Assessment Principles
  8. Understanding Joint Inflammation
  9. Joint Receptors in MET
  10. Joint Forces and Injury
  11. Understanding Connective Tissue
  12. Understanding NSAIDs in MET
  13. Degrees of Sprain
  14. Wolff's Law

The MXF workshop is a renewal requirement of all MEPD's, MES's, and PRCS's who have not completed the Post Rehab Foundations workshop or the new Medical Exercise Specialist Training (MEST) series. The MXF may also be used if you want to get a glimpse of the new MEST program. To register for the MXF workshop click the link below!!


Medical Exercise Foundations


Post Rehab Renewal:

If you are using the MXF workshop to renew your certificate, please review the renewal process at Once your payment is processed you will receive an email with information to access the MXF course online. Simply review the MXF videos using the video session guides; then complete the MXF quizzes. Submit your answers via email to Also, submit of copy of your post rehab certification.

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