ResourcesThe growth of post rehab training has outpaced the development of resources to assist the post rehab professional in developing programs for clients with medical conditions. To help post rehab professionals better serve and manage their clients, AAHFRP has developed a number of “Post Rehab Resources”. These resources are based on sound medical guidelines and are designed specifically for post rehab professionals.

ResourcesPost Rehab Exercise Protocols – PREPS gives you a step-by-step approach to post rehab training. PREPS is the advanced version of our original Post Rehab Protocols published in 1997. If you would like to begin offering post rehab services, PREPS is a must for you. The PREPS are based on the outcomes of 1989 clients with various medical conditions referred for post rehab services over a three-year period. Each PREP contains clinical anatomy, pathology, assessment guidelines, post rehab precautions and exercise progression guidelines. PREPS will allow you to safely and effectively provide post rehab services and develop relationships with medical professionals. With 644 pages of post rehab information, PREPS provides you with all the “do’s and don’ts” as well as specific post rehab exercise guidelines for 62 medical conditions. All this for only $149. To order go to and get your copy today.

ResourcesPostRehabWorks – PostRehabWorks Infoware is a new, innovative resource that offers medical fitness professionals the most advanced and comprehensive tool to develop safe and effective post rehab and medical exercise programs for your clients with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. No more searching through dozens of physical therapy or medical textbooks that fail to give you what you need – MEDICAL EXERCISE GUIDELINES and PROTOCOLS. All the medical exercise guidelines and post rehab protocols you need for more than 60 medical conditions is just a mouse click away with PostRehabWorks Infoware. Works offers rehab protocols, exercise guidelines, assessment procedures, progression guidelines, ROM and muscle testing procedures, as well as more than 225 video demonstrations of post rehab exercise and assessment techniques. No more guesswork about post rehab guidelines – use PostRehabWorks for all of your post rehab and medical exercise professional needs. All this in a simple program you can access from your computer’s desktop or the Internet. For more information on Works and to order go to

Medical Exercise Training Systems Teleseminars – METS Teleseminars

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