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The summer is over and schools are opening. Thoughts now shift to education and getting back into the groove of work, study and exercise. This fall is a great time to offer group based post rehab programming such as the Dynamic Back School or Women’s Fitness 101. These two programs are easily introduced in a club or private studio setting and they will allow you to capture a new group of clients. The group based approach to the client with medical issues will allow you to tap into the medical market at a lower price point but with an opportunity for significant revenue. We recommend a $180-225 fee per participant in the back school or Women’s Fitness 101. These programs are delivered in six sessions over a 30-day period. The thirty day approach is very attractive to medical professional who are usually very reluctant to refer patients to long-term fitness programs. In my next blog post I will explain the Dynamic Back School.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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