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Hi folks we are back again for another session of Post Rehab Madness. March Madness has become even crazier with the losses by Wisconsin, Kansas, Villanova and Georgetown. Unsung teams such as Cornell, the University of Northern Iowa and Saint Mary's has shown the NCAA tournament is wide open. So far we have seen a few injuries and conditions that are impacting play. In this session we summarize the games up to Sunday March 21st and we briefly discuss the post rehab management of the ACL rupture and reconstruction. In this discussion we mention the reason for the higher incidence of ACL tears in female athletes and the keys to post rehab conditioning for the ACL reconstructed knee. These keys to ACL post rehab management include: 1) strengthening the quadriceps and hamstrings (particularly those hams to support the graft); 2) activate the vastus medialis to control patella tracking and 3) improving overall leg strength and function for return to sports. Issues such as restoration of ROM and elimination of swelling should be addressed before the post rehab program begins. If the reconstructed knee has limited ROM and moderate swelling, the client should be referred back to their physician or physical therapist for further treatment. Please click the link below to listen to the session.

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