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Weren’t the opening ceremonies of the Olympics fantastic!! The Beijing Olympic Committee did a magnificent job pulling off the opening ceremonies. My favorite part of the opening ceremony is the procession of the athletes into the stadium. I really enjoy seeing the athletes of lesser status meeting the more prolific athletes on the infield as the torch ceremony proceeds. As I watched tonight, I counted no less than 27 potential gold medalists with histories of recent major injuries, but they are now making a run for gold. I realized each of these athletes at some point followed up physical therapy or chiropractic care with a well developed post rehab conditioning program.

Many of you reading this blog have worked with high level athletes and you know the importance of using exercise to manage athletic injuries. So over the 17 days of the Beijing Olympic Games I will write each day about a common injury I have encountered as a physical therapist in my 23 years of managing athletic injuries. I will discuss the three keys to managing each condition and give you a flowchart from our PREPS – Post Rehab Exercise Protocols to help you better manage each condition from a post rehab perspective. Each day I will record the “3 keys to managing…..” for you to listen to or download. After each session I will also give you a “post rehab challenge” for you to analyze and solve to enhance your post rehab critical thinking process. Answer all the challenges correctly and I will send you our Post Rehab Tips CD free of charge. This CD contains video clips, post rehab regional exercise guidelines and 101 post rehab tips you can use immediately with your clients. Join me tomorrow for our first condition and learn the 3 keys to managing the post rehab shoulder impingement client. CYA tomorrow.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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