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The Medical Exercise Training Institute’s elite level certification is the Medical Exercise Program Director (MEPD). As health, fitness and medical facilities implement post rehabilitation programs to address the ongoing needs of today’s baby boomers, the need for a high-level post rehab professional to direct such programs is increasing.

MEPD Starts September 9th, 2019!!!

The role of the MEPD:

  • Develops, manages, administers and markets a medical exercise/post rehab program in any setting
  • Acts as the liaison between medical professionals and the fitness facility
  • Serves as the primary facilitator of continuing education for the post rehab staff members
  • Educates medical professionals on the benefits of exercise for medical conditions
  • Oversees the Medical Exercise Training (MET) for all clients in the facility referred by medical professionals
  • Endless Possibilities

The career opportunities for an MEPD are endless….one of  our MEPD coordinates post rehab programming for a large hospital in northern New Jersey; another directs post rehab programs for all 14 World Health Clubs in Alberta, Canada; and other MEPD’s manage their own private medical exercise facilities in communities throughout North America. With the MEPD certification a similar career can be yours! MEPD’s are found in hospital-based fitness centers, private health clubs, physical therapy and sportsmed clinics and chiropractic offices.

Medical Exercise Program Director Curriculum

We’ve revised the MEPD curriculum to include our “Medical Exercise Training Systems” (METS). METS provides you with the step-by-step guidelines to install systems in all aspects of your business to allow you to develop an efficient and profitable practice. In our weekly MEPD webinar we will review and show you how to implement each MET system in your practice or facility. This approach will increase your outcomes, grow your practice and connect you with medical professionals. In addition to the MEPD webinars, you will also have access to the 16 MEPD clinical modules. The modules allow you to increase your clinical skills in the areas of ergonomics and pharmacology, and advanced medical exercise assessment for the shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, spine, gait and balance. The MEPD clinical modules are listed below:

Medical Exercise Program Director Clinical Modules

Module 1Advanced Post Rehab Guidelines for the Knee
Module 2Advanced Post Rehab Guidelines for the Spine
Module 3Advanced Post Rehab Guidelines for the Shoulder
Module 4Ergonomics for Fitness Professionals
Module 5Pharmacology for Fitness Professionals
Module 6Essentials of Senior Fitness
Module 7Medical Exercise Foundations
Module 8MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Cervical Spine
Module 9MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Lumbar Spine
Module 10MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Hip
Module 11MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Knee
Module 12MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Ankle/Foot
Module 13MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Shoulder
Module 14MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Elbow/Wrist/Hand
Module 15MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Gait
Module 16MED-FIT Assessment Guidelines – Balance

The MEPD gives you far more knowledge than the MES or PRCS along with the additional skills to develop, market, manage and run a profitable practice in any setting. In addition to the clinical modules you will participate in a series of 16 LIVE webinars that review our METS program. These systems have been used by medical exercise practices around the world. Once a week on Monday evenings over 16 weeks (some sessions have homework assignments) at 9pm ET/6pm PT these modules are discussed in detail. See the schedule below:

Medical Exercise Program Director Study Group Schedule

Mondays (9p ET/6pm PT)Module #METS Session Topic
September 9th1Role of the MEPD, the Medical Exercise Training Model…Make the Jump to Medical Exercise Training (MET)
September 16th2Medical Exercise Training Systems (METS) – Generating Clients, Referrals & Profits Using Practice Systems…Where Do I Start?
September 23rd3Target Marketing to Medical Professionals – What They Really Want & How to Give It To Them
September 30th4Medical Exercise Forms – Here’s How to Communicate with Medical Professionals & Insurance Carriers
October 7thBreak
October 14th5MET Documentation & Communications Flow – When Do I Communicate and What Do I Say to Medical Professionals?
October 21st6Medical Exercise Protocols – Protocols Will Set You Free!!
October 28th7What Do I Do With the New MET Client? – Managing the New Referral for Maximal Impact
November 4th8Setting MET Fees – MET Requires a Different Approach & Fee Structure
November 11thBreak
November 18th9 Medical Exercise Clients – How Do I Maximize My Profits with Each Client/Condition With MET & Group Training
November 25th10MET Equipment, Space & Location – What Do I Need To Make a MET Practice Work?
December 2nd11MET Staffing – When Do I Hire Staff & Where Do I Find Them & Train Them
December 9th12Insurance Reimbursement – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…How to Navigate the Maze and Get PAID!!
December 16thUsing Social Media to Answer Your Clients Questions & Attract Referrals
December 23rd13Break
December 30th14 MET Presentations – You Got Your Foot in the Door….Now What?
January 6th15 MET Functional Outcomes – Measure & Announce Your Results to Attract Referrals
January 13th16Multiple Streams of MET Income – Stopping Trading Your Time for Money

MEPD candidates must also:

  • Review each MEPD clinical module and complete the accompanying examination and/or case study.
  • Complete the homework assignments from the METS teleseminars
  • Develop and submit a business plan for a fictitious medical exercise/post rehab facility. The plan must include marketing, equipment acquisition, facility layout, administrative procedures and staff guidelines.
  • Develop a presentation on a medical exercise/post rehab related topic, including handouts. The presentation must be delivered to a live audience of post rehab professionals – this presentation must be recorded and submitted to METI for review.
  • Participate in a 90-minute “Practice Checklist/Marketing Review” session with Dr Mike.

Is the MEPD for you?

The only prerequisites for the MEPD are completion of the Medical Exercise Specialist or Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist certification. To determine if the MEPD is for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have strong leadership skills?
  • Am I innovative and creative in my approach to fitness programs?
  • Is my passion for medical exercise/post rehab fitness not only towards helping clients improve function, but also towards enhancing the professional development of other post rehab professionals?

Get Registered and Start Building Your Practice

If you answered “Yes, that’s me!” to all three questions, the MEPD is for YOU! The MEPD is everything you need to move beyond the MES or PRCS to establish a strong, profitable practice and connections to the medical community. Our next MEPD begins September 9th, 2019!! The MEPD program is $2200. If you currently an MEPD and want to participate in just the METS segments pay only $400 (see the link below). METS will take your practice more profitable. Check out the schedule for MEPD session dates. MEPD payment plans are available…..take a look below.

MEPD Payment Plans

Our next MEPD Study Group begins September 9th, 2019. Payment plans are available for the Medical Exercise Program Director (MEPD) program and certification. Each payment plan requires payment every 30 days. Use the links below to select and purchase the payment plan that works for you. Please contact our office at 1.888.610.0923 with questions.

    Standard MEPD Registration – $2200
Select a Button
Full Payment $2200 – includes FREE registration for MedXPRO Summit Medical Exercise Program Director

Medical Exercise Program Director
2 payments of $1100 (payment every 30 days
Medical Exercise Program Director
6 payments of $366 (payment every 30 days)
Medical Exercise Program Director
Current MEPD’s Register Here
Medical Exercise Program Director

Participation in the METS webinars and access to the MEPD clinical modules is included with your tuition. Each MEPD participant must: 1) complete a medical exercise facility business/marketing plan; and 2) present and record a 30-minute presentation on a medical exercise topic. These projects must be completed by December 31, 2017. Presentation selections must be submitted and approved prior to recording. Each MEPD participant will meet via conference call with Dr Mike to review his or her MEPD presentation and business plan.

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