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I am the proud grandfather of beautiful 3 year old enthusiastic little girl. I am also an addicted but pathetically terrible golfer. Let’s put it this way, I look pretty good in golf clothes but don’t ask me about my swing. Well I have started teaching my granddaughter to play golf. I have watched her closely and as a result I purchased a set of “Barbie” golf sets. Well she loves them! But one problem, I realized she naturally swings the golf club left-handed. She colors with her crayons using her right-hand. So I was amazed when she performed hitting the golf ball using the club backwards. So she hit the ball smoothly with her “Barbie”driver….BACKWARDS!! She hit the ball consistantly 20 to 30 yards. It was amazing as well as humbling to watch. But I realized her neural pathways must be overlapping. Next time you work with a client think about the neural pathways and proprioceptors the client uses to perform the task. You may find selecting exercises for your client might be easier if you introduce exercises that enhance neural performance rather than strength. Everything we do as humans begins and ends with neural transmission and neural integration. Start thinking about the neural aspect of movement, you find you can really fine tune the movements in some of your clients.

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