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Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) On-Site

Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site (MESOS) workshop is the most comprehensive medical exercise/post rehab workshop available today for fitness professionals. Register now for the MES On-Site Workshop and “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness” while learning the skills and knowledge to develop safe and effective medical exercise training programs for clients with cardiovascular, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. Join us in one of the cities below for two days of intense training in medical exercise protocols, exercise progression guidelines, assessment techniques and exercise techniques. If you are:

  • A personal trainer working with medical exercise/post rehab clients in a health club or fitness setting;
  • A rehab technician working in a physical therapy clinic, chiropractic office or hospital setting;
  • A sports conditioning specialist working with injured athletes;
  • A massage therapist working with lumbar and/or cervical clients;
  • Or an exercise physiologist working with medically based clients without standardized post rehab guidelines and protocols to follow.

Then the Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site Workshop is for you!!

Take the guesswork out of medical exercise/post rehab fitness and attend the MES On-Site Workshop (MES) – Register Now!! Now Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists (PRCS) Track students are eligible to attend the MES On-Site. This option replaces our Advanced Essentials of Post Rehab Fitness workshop. Attend the MES On-Site and you can still obtain your PRCS certificate. (Call 1-888-610-0923 for info on PRCS enrollment in the MES On-Site workshop).

Where are the MES Workshops held? (Click link at the bottom of page to register.)


2019 - Medical Exercise Specialist Workshops

September 28 & 29Houston, TX
October 5 & 6New York, NY
October 26 & 27Washington, DC
November 2 & 3Sacramento, CA

Information on MES site locations is provided after registration.

Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop Schedule

Day OneExtremity Protocols & Guidelines
8 am - 12 noonUpper Quarter Protocols (shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand)
12 noon - 1 pmLunch
1 pm - 6 pmLower Quarter Protocols (hip, knee, ankle/foot)
Day TwoSpinal Conditions & MET Assessment
8 am - 12 noonSpinal Conditions & MET Guidelines
12 noon - 1 pmLunch
1 pm - 5 pmMusculoskeletal Screening & MET Assessment Techniques

In the MES On-Site Workshop you will learn:

  • Clinical anatomy and pathology for medical conditions affecting the upper and lower extremity, and spine as well as cardiovascular and neurological conditions.
  • How to develop a profitable and successful medical exercise/post rehab program and obtain referrals from medical professionals;
  • How to perform a 12-point musculoskeletal screening of a post rehab client;
  • How to communicate effectively with medical professionals and insurance carriers;
  • Medical exercise/post rehab guidelines, protocols and exercise progressions for more than 50 medical conditions;
  • Post rehab exercise techniques for the upper and lower extremity and spine;
  • Advanced medical exercise assessment techniques for the shoulder, hip, knee, lumbar and cervical spines;
  • Post rehab exercise red flags;
  • Hierarchy of post rehab conditions;
  • How to bill for medical exercise/post rehab services and obtain insurance authorization;
  • Medical exercise/post rehab scope of practice;
  • Spinal stabilization and PNF techniques for the cervical and lumbar spines;
  • How to perform quick and easy regional functional assessments.

In addition to all of this, you will receive these when you register:

  • Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series  (immediate access to all 50 MES lessons online)
  • Attendance at the 2-day Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site workshop
  • PREPS Post Rehab Protocols manual (containing protocols, guidelines and flowcharts for more then 50 medical conditions)
  • Bonus lessons on spinal stabilization, PNF techniques and assessment techniques
  • Access to the MES Study Group sessions and members area

Yes, I want to register for the MES On-Site Workshop and as a special bonus, start learning medical exercise protocols and guidelines thru the MES Study Group sessions. Follow one of the links below to register for the MES onsite workshop. Once you complete the registration you will receive an email with additional details.

MES Onsite Workshop Options

Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site Workshops

Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site Workshops


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