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What is Medical Exercise Training and how do you define it?

Medical Exercise Training is the development of safe, effective, structured, protocol based exercise programming for clients with medical conditions. MET uses strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, aquatic training, balance training, functional conditioning, lifestyle education and MET assessments to manage clients. MET does not provide any aspect of medical treatment or diagnostic services; nor should it be used to replace the services provided by a licensed medical professional (i.e. physical therapists, massage therapists, dieticians, athletic trainers, chiropractors, nurses and/or physicians). MET is based on the utilization of functional outcome measures (FOMs) to determine the effectiveness of the exercise program. The FOMs include:

FOMs are universally understood by both the medical community and fitness industry and are easily used to determine the improvement in the client’s overall level of function. The use of FOMs by medical exercise professionals differentiates them from personal trainers. Personal trainers may not fully address the needs of medical professionals, individuals with medical conditions or insurance carriers. MET is essential in transitioning clients from health care services to independent exercise and wellness programs.

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