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MedXPRO Summit 2017, sponsored by the Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) is one of a kind. With three days of intense workshops, lectures and forums designed to help you build your medical exercise/post rehab practice and Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness. You will meet and interact with medical exercise and post rehab conditioning specialists, medical exercise program directors and other post rehab professionals from around the world. Knowledgeable, subject matter experts all working to build their practices and increase the credibility of the medical exercise profession.

During the Summit, you will learn techniques, strategies, guidelines and medical exercise secrets to make your post rehab practice more profitable. In the 23 years since METI’s first MES workshop, thousands of Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) have developed profitable and successful post rehab practices in a wide range of settings. The presenters at the MedXPRO Summit include many successful medical exercise practice owners. Learn their profit strategies to help you build your practice.

Texas Baby!

The MedXPRO Summit will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 1st  thru 3rd at Medical Fitness Pros in Katy, Texas. Come on down and see our medical exercise facility here at Medical Fitness Pros. We are willing to share our techniques and guidelines to help you build your medical exercise practice. Use our model and take everything you learn at the MedXPRO Summit back to your community and start building your practice.

Three is YOUR Lucky Number!

Every Summit attendee leaves Texas as a winner. You will go back home with information and guidelines in these three areas:


  1. Post Rehab Exercise Management
  • Establish a medical exercise client management system to manage every condition that walks in the door.
  • Learn to write clear and concise assessment reports and program goals
  • Learn the appropriate equipment to build a successful medical exercise practice
  • Learn to differentiate and separate your services and skills as a Medical Exercise Specialist from the personal trainer
  • Design safe and effective medical exercise programs for the most common conditions seen in your practice
  • Understand how to develop medical exercise training packages to attract referrals and clients with the Big 5 (osteoarthritis, total joint replacements, diabetes, low back pain and hypertension)
  • Identify workshops you need to attend to continue your growth as a MES
  • Learn and demonstrate proficiency in the 52 essential medical exercise skills
  • Develop a profitable practice using the three core concepts: medical exercise training, corrective exercise training and post rehab training.
  • Establish a standard method of screening medical exercise/post rehab clients
  • Establish a method of determining and reporting post rehab functional outcomes
  • Develop an in-house MES continuing education program in your facility
  1. Relationship Building with Medical Professionals
  • Develop a medical referral target marketing list of physicians, physical therapists and/or chiropractors
  • Get your foot in the door of any physicians’ office to make a presentation
  • Write effective introductory and follow up letters to medical professionals
  • Clearly articulate your services, role and scope of practice as a MES to medical professionals and insurance carriers
  • Develop an effective presentation for physicians introducing post rehab programming and it’s benefits to the physician’s practice and patients
  • Identify medical professionals in your community that are open to medical exercise and referring clients for fitness services
  • Speak the language of medical professionals and understand medical terminology
  • Establish strong referral relationships with physical therapists
  • Establish a medical communication system with forms, timetables and templates
  1. Marketing and Revenue Streams
  • Package your fitness services to attract the interest and referrals from physicians
  • Successfully submit insurance claims for medical exercise services
  • Establish appropriate pricing for medical exercise services to maximize profits
  • Add at least two new streams of medical exercise income to your practice
  • Establish a medical membership model as an additional revenue stream for your studio, health club or physical therapy clinic.
  • Identify opportunities to promote medical exercise services to local employers and businesses in your community
  • Identify opportunities in your community to make presentations to local medical professional associations and medical support group
  • Develop presentations for medical professionals and support groups to attract clients and referrals
  • Develop a marketing plan to establish a referral network including physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists and insurance carriers
  • Learn to incorporate dynamic back school, total joint replacement and hypertension/diabetes group training programs into your facility to attract clients and referrals.
  • Learn how to categorize medical exercise clients to maximize function and profits

Hit the Jackpot!

The MedXPRO Summit offers everything you need to establish a strong and profitable medical exercise practice. Move from running a “business” to owning a thriving “practice”. Currently practicing and successful MESs will share their information and experiences in each of these areas. You can ask questions during the presents and interaction with the presenters during breaks…the presents are also attendees!!

Summit Exclusive! The MedXPRO Mastermind Group

Receive an exclusive invitation to join the MedXPRO Mastermind Group with your Summit registration. Following the event, the Masterminds will meet via teleseminar on a monthly basis for one year to discuss key points and strategies to grow your referrals and add continuous revenue streams to your practice. Take what you learn at the Summit and stay on track toward building a successful post rehab practice The MedXPRO Mastermind is open to Summit attendees only.


Register now for the MedXPRO Summit. It’s the best investment you can make in your career. Bet on YOU and build your medical exercise practice to Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness!!

The MedXPRO Summit is only $300. MedXPRO Network CHARTER members may attend FREE!!! Please call 1.888.610.0923. For details and to reserve your place at the MedXPRO Summit go to



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