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The MedXPRO/ClinicMaster Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System is here!!

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Clinicmaster to launch the MedXPRO EMR. Our goal is to continually support Medical Exercise Specialists by bringing the most advanced and innovative tools available in the market.

The MedXPro/ClinicMaster EMR is an all in one software that will enable:

  1. Organizing your client information
  2. Accessing client management exercise protocols
  3. Ease of client scheduling and billing
  4. Access to MET client outcome data
  5. Easy documentation & communication with medical professionals
  6. Stay in touch with your clients easier
  7. Medical exercise protocols access
  8. Exercise diagrams and sharing with clients

The MedXPRO EMR is the next step for medical exercise professionals to build their practices. This system makes all the tasks a medical exercise professional has to perform….much much easier. Contact DrMike to for details:

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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