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Of course its that time of year for predictions. Let me share my “5 MET Predictions for 2013”. Here they are:
  1. Baby Boomers will fuel the exponential growth of medical exercise training/post rehab fitness (MET/PRF). Baby boomers benefit the greatest from MET/PRF. Boomers will force physicians and other medical professionals to embrace MET/PRF.
  2. Documenting MET/PRF sessions, assessments and training goals will become more important as medical exercise professionals communicate with medical professionals and insurance carriers.
  3. Medical Exercise Group Training (MEGT) will emerge as the best marketing tool and product for medical exercise professionals to use to attract new clients, manage current clients and connect with medical professionals.
  4. Referrals from medical professionals and insurance carriers will grow as MET/PRF functional outcomes are documented and published showing the need and effectiveness of medical exercise training.
  5. Functional outcome measures, such as the 9 Universal Functional Outcome Measures, will become the yardstick to determine the effectiveness of MET/PRF programming.
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