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I am often asked by our MES' and PRCS' "How much should I charge for post rehab services?". Well that is an easy answer if you know two pieces of information. 1) What is the going rate for personal training services in your community and 2) how much are you worth? The second question is what stumps most trainers. Many trainers based their rates on what others are charging. In every conversation about rates the trainer asking is always able to identify one trainer in the community that charges a substantially higher rate than others. I always ask…."well is he or she (the other trainer) that much better at training than you"? The answer is always no.

So when establishing your rates look at the going rate for personal training in your community. Use that as your baseline for post rehab services. I recommend your post rehab fee should be a minimum of 20% above the going rate for personal training.  The 20% margin is due to the complex nature of the post rehab client and the communication you must have with medical professionals to effective manage the client's exercise program. That requires time and skill. Now notice I said a minimum of 20% above the personal training rate. You can charge more but 20% is the minimum I recommend. If you feel your services are worth more…then charge more. Don't base your rates on everyone else!

That leads us to "how much do I charge for the post rehab assessment?". Well that's even easier. Charge 50% above the going rate for a personal training assessment. Why 50%? The post rehab assessment is where you demonstrate your professionalism, skill and experience. The assessment is the key in the whole post rehab program. The more skill you have, the better the client outcome will be. The real post rehab skill isn't in the training, the important skill is in the assessment. A good assessment produces a good program and client outcome. The assessment requires the write up of a report as well as communication with medical professionals. This warrants the 50% margin.

NEVER GIVE AWAY AN ASSESSMENT FOR FREE!! It diminished your professionalism. Give away a free screening but not your full assessment. The assessment is what makes you a POST REHAB PROFESSIONAL!! No one else will assess the post rehab client better than you. Notice I said the post rehab client. Not the physical therapy patient or the surgical patient. Those assessments are best performed by the physical therapist or surgeon. You are the best professional to assess and manage the post rehab client and his exercise program.

The post rehab client requires more skill and knowledge on the part of the post rehab professional. The post rehab client also requires your communication with medical professionals and maybe an insurance carrier. The fees I noted above take these components into account. Don't be bashful about your fees but be able to back up your fees with excellent professional service and positive client outcomes. If you cant produce those two….your clients will definitely let you know.


Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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