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I say do them all….but do what is appropriate for the client based on your assessment. Recently I received a number of questions regarding activation, release and/or stabilization training techniques. All of these techniques fit into the Medical Exercise Training model. We do not exclude or prohibit any of these techniques. The key to implimenting any of these techniques is understanding the underlying pathology of the client’s condition. Once you are clear on the client’s pathology, you can apply any technique you feel will bring about a positive outcome. There are 3 keys to applying advanced techniques when managing the post rehab/medical exercise client.

  1. Completely understand the philosophy and basis of the technique you will apply. Knowing the history and development of the philosophy can be extremely helpful.
  2. Clearly understand the indications for use of the technique(s). What is the appropriate client and when should the technique not be used.
  3. Know how to assess the client to determine if the technique is appropriate and to determine, once applied, if the technique is producing the results wanted. Applying a technique and not re-assessing to determine its impact is a mistake.

So please….activate, release and stabilize or any other technique for which you have been trained. When you feel the technique is appropriate for the client and will positively impact the outcome…..GO FOR IT!!! Just understand when, how and why you are applying the technique(s).

There are many tools, philosophies and techniques out there you can use with your post rehab/medical exercise clients. There may be one technique you learn that you only use with one client during your entire career and no one else. That technique produces great results for that client but may produce negative results with any other client. So remember, every technique, tool or philosophy does not work for every client. Its up to you, the medical exercise/post rehab professional to select the appropriate release, activation and/or stability technique. That’s why you are important to the rehab process, because you are the expert in exercise!!

Best wishes…and Happy Holidays.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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