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MET PodcastMedical exercise progress reports are an important tool to connect with medical professionals. If done correctly and in a timely manner, progress reports can get you into a medical practice better than traditionally marketing activities. In this podcast Dr Mike will review the five key points to include in a progress report.

The five key points are: 1) a brief client summary; 2) the MET program goals; 3) the client’s current status; 4) a summary of the MET program and 5) exercise recommendations and a MET plan of action. Remember, a progress report is a professional courtesy provided to the referral source to say….”Here is a summary of what we have done with your patient. Use this progress report to help you determine the management plan for this client”. These five points are essential information the referral source needs to make a professional decision on further intervention.

As MET becomes more accepted by the medical community, every medical exercise professional must become comfortable with writing progress reports. Progress reports and other aspects of communication are reviewed in the Medical Exercise Specialist workshop. Click the play button below to listen.



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