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Medical exercise training or post rehab fitness…..which one is it?!

I’ve received many emails asking to clarify the difference between “medical exercise training” and “post rehab fitness”. When we offered the first Medical Exercise Specialist workshop back in 1994, the concept was “post rehab”. That was the direct handoff of a physical therapy patient to a fitness professional for “post rehab” services. In the early 90’s we just started to see changes in insurance reimbursement for professional rehabilitation services.

Well insurance reimbursement continued to decrease and now it’s far worse than 1994. This decrease along with increased interest in exercise to manage medical conditions, has led to “medical exercise training”. Now in the late 2010’s the direct handout isn’t there. The client coming into the medical exercise training program now has migrated to Tucson or Naples from Minnesota or Ottawa. The surgeon that replaced the hip has retired or simply can’t be located. And, that hip was replaced 12 years ago. This is the common scenario most medical exercise professionals see.

So with this new reality the concept has changed……”Medical Exercise Training” is here to stay and its growing. The medical exercise training client is more than 365 days since the onset of their condition, surgery and/or injury. The first 365 days after the onset of the condition, surgery or injury is crucial and requires professional medical and rehabilitation services. During the first 365 days, the client moving from physical therapy or chiropractic care into post rehab services requires a medical clearance. The client 365 days plus doesn’t require a medical clearance unless during the screening or medical history RED FLAGS are identified. This is the only difference.

As you can see, the difference between “post rehab fitness” vs “medical exercise training” is simply…ONE DAY!! 365 or 366!!

Regardless whether its post rehab or medical exercise…..the need will continue to grow!!

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