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If you’re a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) or Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist (PRCS), you can see we’ve made some changes at Our MES and PRCS workshops are now available online and we’ve changed our name to the “Medical Exercise Training Institute”. And of course there’s our new facility in Houston. But those are just components of the larger shift. We’ve transitioned from the first aspect of “Bridging the Gap” to the next level…..that being Medical Exercise Training or MET. Over the years our MESs and PRCSs have provided services to clients coming directly into health clubs and personal training studios. This shift in public awareness of the benefits of exercise in managing medical conditions, is the reason for the transition from post rehab fitness to “Medical Exercise Training”.

Medical Exercise Training or MET is the next step in the process of exercise becoming part of the “medical management plan” for chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, low back and procedures such as total joint replacements. The numbers on the health care costs associated with managing these conditions is staggering. More medical professionals are realizing that “exercise is the key to long-term management of most medical conditions”. The key components of MET are the same techniques you have used for years training your apparently healthy clients – strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training. With MET we are now using exercise to manage medical conditions. This means more communication with medical professionals, more focus on functional outcome measures (A1c, BP, HR, etc) and utilization of medical exercise protocols.

Medical Exercise Training Symbol

Our goal here at the Medical Exercise Training Institute is the development of guidelines, protocols, and outcome measures that medical exercise professionals as well as physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals will use to gauge the effectiveness of exercise and fitness programming when use to manage medical conditions. MET replaces post rehab fitness in the effort to save our health care system and improve the health and wellness of our population. The symbol below is the universal symbol of “Medical Exercise Training”. We have also published a white paper titled….“Medical Exercise Training….The New Modality”. If you are currently a Medical Exercise Program Director, Medical Exercise Specialist or Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, please contact us and obtain a digital copy of the symbol. Also click image below to download a copy of the white paper. Use the white paper and symbol to help you explain the importance of and the appropriate usage of Medical Exercise Training to safely and effective manage medical conditions using exercise. Please remember, MET is not designed to take the place of physical therapy, chiropractic or medical services but to serve as an augmentation of those services.

Medical Exercise Training

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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