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This is a quick review and overview of the MET Client Management System. The phases in the client management system include: 1) initial contact/session; 2) assessment; 3) post-assessment; 4) schedule sessions; 5) training session; and 6) the progress report.

The MET management keys include: 1) understanding the related anatomy/pathology of the client’s condition; 2) identifying red flags; 3) identifying functional deficits and the related functional outcome measures to use to determine client progress; 4) short and long term goals and 5) finally document and report outcomes.

This is a brief review of the MET Client Management System. Look at your practice and envision implementing these components into your practice.

Also, we encourage Medical Exercise Specialists to move beyond a business to developing a practice. A practice is far stronger than a business. It requires marketing but less than a business. The business is always looking for new clients but a practice relies on returning clients with new conditions and referrals from past clients and medical professionals.

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