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Good morning Medical Exercise Specialists and welcome to Day 25 of “40 Days to Medical Exercise Success”. Today will develop a “medical markting kit”. This kit will contain your brochure and business card (We developed yesterday). It will also contain a sample flowchart from one of the protocols you developed, it will also contain your introductory letter.

This kit is provided to the medical professional(s) when you make the initial contact in person. I wouldn’t send the marketing kit before the initial meeting. The marketing kit is a hand deliverable item ONLY.

Don’t breat the bank on your first version of your “medical marketing kit”. Use basic materials to start. A solid color portfolio with a printed label with your practice name and logo is fine for the first time. Insert your introductory letter, brochure and business card. The key to developing the relationship is not the presentation but the outcomes you produce. As your practice grows develop more sophisticated marketing materials to insert into the kit.

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