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Medical Exercise Success Day 17 – Every Medical Exercise Training (MET) practice needs a signature program to market as well as generate outstanding outcomes. Your signature program should almost guarantee as positive outcome. This is the program, within your niche or area of specialization, that is the thing you are known for.

A signature may take you a few months or a few years to create, refine and fine tune. This program is based on the knowledge, skills and experiences we identified in day 9 of the “40 Days to Medical Exercise Success”. The signature program isn’t just exercises its also lifestyle education, criteria, communication guidelines, home exercise, etc for a specific condition or group of conditions.

A signature program also allow you some fun. This is the program you are so good at delivering it’s not work. Its fun….you know it inside out and you deliver results with it. This program is your expertise at it’s best.

Take a few moments to listen as Dr Mike and Chris Harris of Re-Kinect discuss signature program. Please email your questions to  Avoid missing any of the “40 Days” videos by subscribing below.

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