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Hello Medical Exercise Professionals!! We hope this post finds you and yours safe and healthy. Covid – 19 has certainly changed the world and it gave us all a chance to pause and hit “reset”. The reset has allowed us to look at our businesses and lives. The pause has given us a chance to improve our businesses and hopefully, re-emerge stronger. We realize it will be difficult initially to transition all your clients back into your practice but it will come and we are all in this together.

To help get the medical exercise community back on track we are beginning a Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group (MESSG) on June 30th. The MESSG is a series of 12 live webinars which summarize, clarify and help you apply the information in the Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series lessons. This 50 lesson MEST program is the most comprehensive in the world for fitness professionals looking to “Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness”. To get more informaiton and REGISTER go to

The need for medical exercise training (MET) will continue to grow. Covid has stressed insurance carriers which will result in further cutbacks in reimbursement for rehabilitation. This will mean greater opportunities for MET in the future. Get the training you need to “Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness”.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”


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