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Medical Exercise Specialists do you dread the idea of writing down each and every exercise, set, and rep in your client’s training session? Do you hate the idea of writing letters to physicians, therapists or insurance carriers? If you said yes, then you should attend the Medical Exercise Training Documentation and Communication (MET DOC-COM) workshop beginning February 4th.

Medical Exercise Specialists and post-rehab professionals will soon have to document every training session and communicate with medical professionals the client’s progress. At best, documentation and communication are challenging, boring, and sometimes a pain, but these are necessary skills every MES must have.

You Can Manage the Paperwork

In the MET DOC-COM workshop, you will learn how to document your MET assessments and sessions with your clients. You will also learn how to communicate with medical professionals and even insurance companies. We will also review the components required in documentation and communication as well as the step-by-step process required in each. We will also help you develop a documentation and communication system that works for you and minimizes the headache and hassle.

 Here’s What’s Included

Each MET DOC-COM participant also receives 22 personalized MET forms. These are the forms you need to document and communicate and run your business. These forms are personalized with your contact information to give you a professional look when you send out information. These forms alone usually cost $299. You will receive a PDF and Word version of each form. Here is a list of the forms you will get!!

Each of the MET forms is personalized with your contact info on each sheet. The forms give you a much more professional image and make it much easier to document your sessions and communicate with physicians and therapists.

MET DOC-COM Begins February 4th

The MET DOC-COM workshop has 3 sessions beginning on February 4th. The first session reviews DOC-COM components, guidelines, and systems. The second session on February 18th, reviews what and how to document as well as what and how to communicate. The third session on March 4th will review each of the 22 MET forms and help you develop a DOC-COM system that works for you in your practice.

MET DOC-COM is Unique

This is the first and only workshop that focuses just on documentation and communication for the Medical Exercise Specialist!! Within the next 3 years, every Medical Exercise Specialist will train clients whose services are being paid by an insurance carrier or whose physician requires a progress report for the patients they refer. Get ready for the FUTURE NOW and REGISTER TODAY!!



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