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LEADERSHIP is the final stage of the Medical Exercise Specialist Career Success Path. Everyone wants to get to this stage and teach courses, mentor younger less experienced medical exercise professionals or manage a MET program. To get here, as with other professions, its requires completion of the earlier stages to ensure the leader has all the requirements, experience and knowledge to lead, advise and manage effectively.

We put MES Career Path together because there is a trend now which says, if you took the workshop before other staff members, though you have limited experience using the technique or skill, you are the expert and you can teach others. or you can use the technique on clients. That’s not quite how it should work. For lawyers or physicians, to become the professor or teacher, it requires years of training and skill refinement, management decisions and producing positive outcomes before you are allowed teach or mentor.

Once you reach the LEADERSHIP stage you have everything needed to give back to this new profession, teach and mentor others and leave it better than you found it. That’s the key…..medical exercise training is not just the new way to get clients, its an emerging new profession that will be around a long time. Let’s build it so the medical exercise professional can sit at the table with other members of the health care team and receve recognition as that of a……”professional” and not just the “exercise guy or girl”.

When we hosted the first Medical Exercise Specialist workshop in Washington, DC in July of 1994 we had no idea 25 years later medical exercise training would have grown so much and been used by so many. This is just the start of the evolution and it will continue to grow. Thanks for joining us for this series. We wish you the best in building your medical exercise training practice and good luck.

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