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Medical exercise certifications are popping up everywhere but the most important consideration in this new emerging field is your proficiency in medical exercise skills. The Medical Exercise Training Institute has identified the 52 essential skills in which all medical exercise professionals must demonstrate a high level of proficiency. The name of the game is not certifications, its having the ability to perform these skills to produce outcomes for MET clients.

Please take a moment to rate your level of proficiency with the 52 essential MET skills. Click the link below to complete MET skills checklist. The MET Skills Checklist was developed in 2001 by Michael Jones in a effort to further identify and qualify medical exercise professionals. Many MET facilities use the skills checklist as a means of rating staff members for promotion and pay raises.

Instead of downloading the skills checklist, please complete the checklist online by go here: #TheRealMES

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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