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In an earlier blog post I discussed a problem many post rehab professionals encounter, the loss of a client when you refer the client to a medical professional for an evaluation. Here are three strategies you can use to prevent the loss of your client.

1) Send a letter of introduction to the medical professional. This letter should be given to the medical professional by the client and not given to the front desk staff or nurse. This letter will introduce your client and outline the exercise program you developed for the client as well as listing the client’s complaints. In the letter request the evaluator to contact you with recommendations for modification of the client’s exercise program.

2) Contact the medical professional’s office the next day to find out if exercise modifications are warranted and/or if the client needs medical treatment. Also, thank the medical professional for assessing the client.

3) Contact the client and ask the outcome of the evaluation visit and the recommendations given to the client.

One of these three actions will allow you to obtain the information you need to modify the client’s exercise program and avoid the loss of your client. Sometimes medical professionals may dismiss you because they simply don’t understand you want to be involved in the management of the client’s condition. This is where clearly outlining your role/scope as well as the benefits exercise offers to the client (without exercising the affected area) can win the day and develop a referral relationship with the medical professional. I can’t say this will happen in 100% of the cases but it will help establish you as the post rehab professional in your community.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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