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MedXPRO Interview Series: Johanna Booy

“How the MES Assists Seniors with Activities of Daily Living”  

It is our goal that the MedXPRO Network will provide you with a series of interviews and articles about medical exercise training, and the importance of medical exercise fitness. Our first interview is with Johanna “Jo” Booy, the Director of  Care & Company and is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and Medical Exercise Specialist. Johanna is a care coordinator and advocate for seniors in the greater Victoria, B.C. area. Dr. Mike and Jo talk about the MES and working with seniors to deal with recovery and daily living. Click here to listen to or download the interview:

Jo, has also penned a few articles for us, which can be found at Her article, entitled, “How the MES Assists Seniors with Activities of Daily Living,” can be found by clicking this link. Here is a brief summary:

“Most MES‘ probably don’t realize the extra benefits they give their senior client through the exercise program that has been developed for them.  Guest columnist, Jo Booy, discusses why the program you develop for your clients helps them with daily activities, which are important for independent living, including using the telephone, preparing meals, shopping and handling finances.  The comprehensive and varied program you create will keep your senior clients active and capable for much longer.  Jo covers the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and how to assess them. This is a must read for any MES working with seniors!”

Click here to download the audio of the interview.

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