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How many streams of income do you have coming into your post rehab practice?
There are 15 primary post rehab income streams for post rehab professionals trying to build a profitable practice. Join us May 14, 2008 for a FREE 90-minute teleseminar titled “Multiple Streams of Post Rehab Income”. As our economy slows the importance of the post rehab professional of developing additional streams of income beyond one-on-one training is clear. In this teleseminar Dr Mike will discuss the primary streams of income a post rehab professional may establish to increase the profits in his or her practice. We will discuss these streams:

  1. Medical Referrals

  2. Insurance Billing

  3. Dynamic Back School

  4. Women’s Fitness 101

  5. Balance Assessment/Senior Fitness Classes

  6. Hypertension/Diabetes Training

  7. Ergonomics and Job Site Analysis

  8. Pilates Training

  9. Massage Therapy

  10. Sports Conditioning

  11. Volunteer in Sportsmed/Chiropractic Clinic

  12. Body Fat Assessments

  13. Presentations to Local Support and Civic Groups

  14. Phone and/or Online Fitness Coaching

  15. Development of DVD’s, Fitness Products or Publishing

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