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Today I came across a great article in “Fast Company” magazine. One of the lead articles is titled “The Most Valuable Player in Sports”. The article discusses James Andrews, MD of Birmingham, AL. Dr Andrews is one of the best known orthopedic and sports medicine surgeons in North America. I was lucky ennough several years ago to visit Dr Andrew’s clinic in Birmingham and spend 2 days there learning their philosophy to orthopedics and sports medicine. This is one of the most comprehensive sports medicine clinics around. The incorporation of cutting edge orthopedics, advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques and dynamic sports conditioning is the basis for the best sports med facilities. I was also lucky to do a week long fellowship at Cincinnati Sports Medicine in Cincinnati, OH. If you really want to see the ideal model of a sports medicine clinic visit one of these facilities or attend the annual Cincinnati Sports Medicine Symposium held in Hilton Head, SC in May. If you cant attend, purchase the symposium DVD’s to learn advanced sports medicine concepts. You will be glad you did.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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