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The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) workshop and certification began in 1994 with the focus to educate fitness professionals to manage functional deficits found after physical and occupational therapy, and chiropractic were concluded. The MES functions to identify functional deficits and develop exercise programs for diminish and improve those deficits and increase function. The MES role is to do something that is not provided for the client after their discharge from licensed rehab services…..continue to improve their level of function.

The need for medical exercise training services will grow but let’s stay focused on the role. This role will grow tremendously as insurance carriers cutback on physical, occupational therapy, chiropractic and other licensed medical services. We are not taking the place of physical or occupational therapists but augmenting the services they provide after the client is discharged. Managing functional deficits using exercise is amazing…it works if the exercise is properly dosed and monitored. It’s the magic elixir….it’s the “Key to Long-Term Management of Medical Conditions”

The medical exercise lane on this highway is expanding. Our role will become more important. Functional outcomes will become the key to recognition and credibility for our new profession. We have clients and we provide exercise. If we know what we do…and we do it well….recognition and credibility are right behind.

Function…..that’s our role!! Let’s master every aspect of it and for sure that role will become more important. 

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