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Tomorrow is Earth Day and the morning news broadcasts are all over it. With price of gas so high and the noticeable environmental changes we see, I have started to take a greater interest in conservation and global warming. I now have a granddaughter and I am concerned about her development but I must also be concerned with the planet I will leave behind for her. With this blog I realize the significant number of PRP’s out there. As I sit here listening to the segments on GMA I wonder what can PRP’s do to help conserve, I would like your assistance in putting together a list of environmentally friendly and responsible products that are easily used by PRP’s to deliver post rehab services. Now I must admit I am not well versed in the conservation movement. So please forgive my ignorance but please share any thoughts you have on environmental friendly post rehab products. Please limit your posts to rehab-related products. We all are innudated with information on daily-use products that are more environmentally friendly but I feel the real savings for the planet might be in the modifications of everyone’s professional lives in additional to their personal lives. Thanks for your responses and think about the Earth. In the future we will post a list of your responses.

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