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As many of you know I am an avid golfer and a former army paratrooper. Between the acl rupture and meniscal damage sustained during my army career and the wear and tear on the right knee from my quest to over take Tiger’s number 1 ranking, (I dont think Tiger has much to worry about), I have a low level effusion (swelling) of the knee. I have no pain but occasionally a feeling of stiffness after playing more than 18 holes. My knee’s tolerance level seems to be about 18 holes of golf before effusion begins. Steep inclines, hitting out of sand traps and just the 18 holes of compression on the knee seem to be the major issues. I have no feeling of giving way or instability.

Here’s your post rehab challenge. Develop an exercise program for a 46 year old male he can perform at home. You have a Bowflex, a stationary bike, dumbbells from 10-50 pounds and a Swiss ball. The program goal is at the end of 18 holes there is minimal effusion with no residual stiffness the next morning. Take a look at the x-rays below for a look at arthritic changes that causes a mild effusion in the knee. The knee on the right shows narrowing along the lateral joint line and if you look closely you will see mild osteophytes (bone spurs) right at the joint line. This x-ray shows the early stages of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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