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So you want to make the jump from personal training to medical exercise training. You realize the need for medical exercise training is growing. You also have an attraction to the medical exercise client. You like working with seniors and clients with medical conditions. You like researching conditions and figuring out the exercise program design. You have completed the Medical Exercise Specialist or Post Rehab Conditoning Specialist and now you want to get started……WHAT ARE THE 6 KEYS TO MAKING THE TRANSITION TO MEDICAL EXERCISE TRAINING? 

  1. Stop thinking like a fitness professional
  2. You have expertise medical professional need
  3. Seek more medical continuing education
  4. Find a physician or therapist mentor
  5. You have the key to function….EXERCISE!
  6. MET is all about FUNCTION!!

Remember these keys as you make the transtion to medical exercise training. We review these keys to transition and more in our Medical Exercise Jumpstart program.

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