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For most Postrehabologists the majority of clients are classified as ‘Medical Exercise’ clients. These clients are usually farther along in the rehab cycle than the ‘Post Rehab’ client we discussed last week.

Though the same conditions effect both the Post Rehab and Medical Exercise client, the key factor is the time since the onset of the condition, injury and/or surgery. The timeframe for the Post Rehab client is one year or less. The timeframe for the Medical Exercise client is one year or greater since onset and/or surgery. Remember, the first year is the critical period in the medical management process.

If the client is one year or less from onset or surgery,a medical referral is required to enter medical exercise services. For the Medical Exercise client (more than one year post onset of condition, injury and/or surgery),a medical referral is not required. The one year or greater time frame since their onset/surgery eliminates the need for a medical referral unless red flags are identified during the intake process.

Every client entering a medical exercise program must complete the intake process. The intake process includes a musculoskeletal screening and thorough medical history interview along with a detailed assessment of the appropriate region(s). If red flags are identified during the screening or assessment, a medical clearance is required to ensure the client is appropriate for medical exercise services.

Common conditions effecting the medical exercise client include:

  • Total joint replacements, 
  • Stroke, 
  • Arthritis, 
  • Osteoporosis, 
  • Hypertension, 
  • Diabetes, 
  • Lumbar disorders, etc. 

Medical exercise clients should be ‘medically stable’ when entering the program.

Exercise programming for the medical exercise client includes:

  • one-on-one training, 
  • small group training (Med-Fit Packaged programs) and 
  • medical memberships. 

These three (3) training options provide enough choices to meet the financial means of a wide range of clients. Obviously, one on one training is the best single revenue generator; however, Med-Fit packages offer an excellent revenue stream and the best value for your client. For medical exercise one-on-one training I recommend pricing your sessions 20 – 25% above the regional average for personal training sessions for the ‘healthy client’. I recommend pricing your medical exercise assessment 25 to 50% above the average regional rate for the personal training assessment.

Med-Fit programs are designed for small group training and exercise management of 6 to 10 participants in six to eight 75-minute training sessions over a 30-day period. Each Med-Fit training session includes a 10 to 15 minute educational component and 60 to 75 minutes of protocol-based, progressive exercise designed for the specified condition. The program participants have similar conditions (i.e. total joint replacements, lumbar disorders, arthritis). An example of a Med-Fit program is our ‘Dynamic Back School’.

In the Dynamic Back School, the education and exercise focuses on lumbar disorders. The Med-Fit Package concept utilizes the philosophy of education exercise = positive functional outcomes. I recommend pricing for your Med-Fit program at a minimum of $180/participant. Increase or adjust the price based on the going rate for group training in your community. Remember, whether one-on-one or group based training, medical exercise and post rehab services require a higher level of skill and knowledge on the part of the Postrehabologist. This warrants a higher fee for both assessment and training sessions.

Join me our Post Rehab Profits& Protocols teleseminar on August 16th when we discuss”Medical Exercise Services Client Categories – Medical Exercise Client”. In this session we will discuss strategies for managing and monetizing services for the medical exercise client.

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Medical Exercise Training Institute
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