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Congratulations, You’re the Medical Exercise Director!  

Now What? – Part 2

 By Michael K. Jones, P.T., Ph.D.

Last week I discussed four initial tasks you must accomplish as the new medical exercise director (MED). Click this link to listen to last week’s teleseminar. In this article I will share four additional tasks you must complete as the MED.

Let’s start with education and training. Educational/certification standards must also be established for your staff and the program. Participation in post rehab/medical exercise workshops is required of all staff members managing clients in the medical exercise training (MET) program. Corrective exercise training alone is not adequate for managing MET clients. The Medical Exercise Specialist Training series offers the most comprehensive and detailed training available for medical exercise professionals.
Each staff member must also participate in monthly continuing education. Develop a monthly educational training forum for your staff members. Find local medical professionals to come in and deliver 60-minute lectures to your staff on MET-related topics. Not only will your staff receive great information, this will also allow you and your staff to develop referral relationships with the lecturers.

Your next task is to establish signature-MET programs you can market to medical professionals and the local community. Use these programs to help medical professionals manage their patients with exercise. Look to establish your signature program(s) with the ‘Big 5″ in mind. The “Big 5” are the most common conditions managed in general medical settings. These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, low back pain and total joint replacements.
Develop 30-day MET programs you may utilize to train individual clients as well as small groups. Using exercise to assist in the management of specific medical conditions will set you apart from “personal trainers” and allow you to lay the foundation for great referral relationships with medical professionals. Medical professionals like MET programs targeting specific medical conditions. Condition-specific MET programs make it easier for medical professionals to refer.

Now that you have established standards, a communication process and your signature programs, its time to develop a “MET marketing packet”. Distribute this marketing packet to potential referral sources. The marketing packet should contain: 1) an introductory letter outlining the MET program; 2) program brochures; 3) business cards; 4) referral pad(s); and 5) a medical exercise/post rehab flowchart for a condition commonly managed by the medical professional you’ve sent the packet to. Follow the packet within 2 – 3 days with a phone call to establish a on-site presentation.

And finally establish a target medical marketing list. I recommend researching the medical professionals in your community and identifying the ones you feel will be most receptive to your MET program. Also market to medical professionals with the highest number of patients participating in your program(s) or facility. Connecting with medical professionals with whom you share a common client is the easiest route to referrals. Use your signature MET programs to attract clients and to get your foot in the door with medical practices.

These are just a few of the steps you must initiate when you become the medical exercise director. These steps and more are reviewed in much greater detail when you become a member of the MedXPRO Network.

To learn more about “You’re the Medical Exercise Director….Now What?” – Part 2, join me for our MedXPRONetwork Profit$ & Protocols teleseminar on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM PST. Click the link below to register!

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