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Physical Therapy

Medical Exercise Specialists……Bridge the Gap with Total Knee Replacements

  Medical Exercise Specialists….total joint replacements will become a bigger part of your practices over the next 20 years. I worked with a very special client, my brother Cornell, after his total knee replacement. The number of total knee replacements...

6 Point Medical Exercise Training Client Management System

Medical exercise training (MET) will grow tremendously over the next two decades. Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) will also see the types of clients they manage expand greatly. To manage this wide range of clients medical exercise professionals (MedXPROs) will need...

Medical Exercise Training……Myths & Misconceptions – Part 2

Welcome back Medical Exercise Specialists for part 2 of “11 Medical Exercise Training Myths and Misconceptions”.  Yesterday we noted 6 of the 11 Myths. They were: 1) Medical Professionals Recognize Fitness Certifications; 2) Doctors Dont Know Exercise and...

Medical Exercise Training 101 Ebook – Get Your FREE Copy

From Michael Jones, PhD, PT, the developer of the internationally recognized Medical Exercise Specialist certification. The Medical Exercise Training 101 E-book is available to help you “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”. Medical Exercise Training (MET)...
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