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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency

Congratulations to the 2022 Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2022 graduates. This is our second class of graduates. The AMES residency is a year-long intensive deep dive into managing medical conditions using exercise. This AMES class started in March...

MET Assessment – Cervical Spine

The MET Assessment Series continues September 4th @ 10am ET with the cervical spine. Learn to perform a medical exercise assessment on the C-Spine using ROM, muscle testing and some special testing procedures. This workshop is not designed to diagnose nor treat any...

Personal Trainer vs Medical Exercise Specialist…..which are you?

Let’s continue outlining our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop. We will use case studies to teach and apply the advanced MET skills and techniques taught in this course. We will start with Mrs. Jacobs’ case study: The AMES virtual...

Medical Exercise Specialist – Medical History or PAR-Q??

Hello again Medical Exercise Specialists. Don’t forget about our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Virtual Workshop coming up July 28 – 31, 2022. Learn advanced medical exercise training concepts from the comfort of your home or studio. This 4-day...
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