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Categorizing YourMedically-BasedClients

The Functional Maintenance Client

There's a new type of client Postrehabologists are beginning to see in large numbers – the Functional Maintenance client. These clients will become the majority of your practice within the next few years. As the baby boomers and more senior clients initiate fitness programs, their medical needs will dictate exercise programming for health clubs and fitness professionals.

The Functional Maintenance client has a unique set of needs compared to the Post Rehab and Medical Exercise client. When the Functional Maintenance client enters medical exercise services (MES) he or she has limited functional capacity. This client has usually completed the full list of rehabilitation services multiple times. At the point the client enters the MES program his condition has progressed to the point only limited improvement in the client's condition is expected. The job of the postrehablogist is too maintain the client's level of function. Your MES program may be the difference between the client remaining independent in his home or commitment to a skilled nursing facility. Functional Maintenance will become a significant component of the medical management for many clients over the next decade.

Common conditions that fall into the Functional Maintenance category include:

  • Total joint replacements,
  • Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Stroke,
  • Post-myocardial infarct,
  • Early dementia,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Parkinson's Disease, and
  • Multiple sclerosis.

These clients are usually older and join the MES program based on the recommendation of friends, neighbors and/or relatives. The majority of these clients are not referred by a medical professional. A post rehab screening and assessment is required for every client entering MES. If red flags are identified, a referral or communication with a medical professional is necessary. The Functional Status Index, Harris Hip Scale and Tinetti Gait and Balance Scale are frequently used to assess the functional capacity of these clients when entering the MES program.

Fitness programming options for the Functional Maintenance client include:

  • Med-Fit Packaged programs (small group training),
  • One-on-one trainingand medical memberships.

Examples of Med-Fit programs include:

  • total joint training,
  • arthritis training,
  • aquatic exercise,
  • Pilates training, and
  • group training for stroke, MS and Parkinson's Disease.

The fees programs may be discounted for Functional Maintenance clients as many of these clients are seniors. Functional Maintenance training allows the client to maintain their dignity and functional capacity.

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