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I watched CNN earlier today regarding the Fiscal Cliff. With the continual debates on Capitol Hill regarding Medicare…I have a solution. Everyone over are 62 should have 3 sessions with a Medical Exercise Specialist or Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist. As patriotic Americans, I know our MESs and PRCSs would donate at leas two sessions for each new client. Of course, many of these Medicare recipients would purchase MES training packages and become loyal clients. Think of it….if we sold the idea to John Boehner and Harry Reid we might be able to provide a gentle slope down from the “FIscal Cliff”. 😉

Seriously, how many of you know a senior that would be much better off functionally after 3 exercise sessions? Think of the reduction in medication costs, the savings preventing hip fractures due to falls and the savings associated dementia….all from the simplest and easiest modality to apply…EXERCISE!! I say let's head to Washington, DC with the signatures of 10000 post rehab professionals on a petition and fix Medicare. The politicians cant!! Lets show them Medical Exercise Services really work!! 🙂

Dr Mike

Medical Exercise Training Institute
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