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Successful post rehab professionals (PRP’s) report the most effective means of attracting clients and referrals is by far due to speaking to community groups. Making a presentation to the local business leaders group or introducing your services to a local physical therapy or chiropractic office is one of best marketing efforts you can employ. Local community groups are always looking for speakers for their meetings. A brief but engaging fitness presentation is a perfect opportunity to cultivate new referrals. A presentation setting out the “7 Reasons Most People Don’t Stick to Their Fitness Program” might turn some heads at the monthly breakfast meeting of the local Rotary club. Include a couple simple desk exercises or give everyone a piece of theraband and demonstrate a couple of exercises they can perform in their hotel room will certainly keep the attendees attention. They all won’t sign up for a 20 session package tomorrow but enough of these presentations will establish you as the “fitness and post rehab expert” on your community. Presentations to local medical support groups such as the “Parkinson’s support group” will further your standing as the post rehab expert. Please share your experiences attracting clients with presentations by responding to this posting.

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